Hello! I’m Melissa Pugliani-Fisk(Missa for short) and I am the proprietor of Blue Fisk Knits, a home┬ábased┬ábusiness out of Vero Beach, Florida. I’ve been married to my loving yarn enabler(husband) for 13 yrs and we have 5 adorable, extremely goofy, and patience trying children.

I got my start way back at the tender age of 7, when my Grandmother taught me the art of knitting. I have been knitting all this time and in the last few years I taught myself how to crochet and have taught my mother and little sister as well.

I started this page as a way to get myself and my passion for art, in all it’s forms, out into the world. I feel that there is something spiritual and cathartic in making things, anything, with your hands. I have made many things over my 2+ decades of needle craft and I have a memory of each item and how I felt when I started it, was in the middle of it, and when I finished it. I feel pride in each item I have made, whether it has lasted or not.

It is my hope to bring this love to more and more people in our world. Perhaps if we all take a moments to create, we can find some peace within ourselves.


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